Where is Mountain View Calgary Camping situated?

Mountain View Calgary Camping is located only 3 km (2 miles) east of the City of Calgary on Trans-Canada Highway #1.We are close to the beautiful Canadian Rockies and a scenic 118 kilometers (73 miles) drive from Banff National Park.

Navigation System

GPS Location 51.06935 | -113.86360

Since we are located outside the Calgary City limits, it can be complicated for some navigation systems to find us. The most successful is our physical land address entered into Google Maps:

244024 Range Road 284
Calgary, AB

It is important that you do not use our Postal Code to find us – our mail goes elsewhere!


9am - 9pm | Off Season: Closed


9am - 9pm | Off Season: 11am - 3pm


9am - 9pm | Off Season: Closed


9am - 9pm | Off Season: 1pm - 5pm


9am - 9pm | Off Season: Noon - 7pm


9am - 9pm | Off Season: 10 am - 2pm


9am - 9pm | Off Season: Closed

Off season: November 1 - March 30

Q: Do you make exceptions for the cancellation fee?

Refunds are NOT given for advisories including weather (rain, wind, snow, temperature), air quality, wild animals, insects/pests (mosquitoes, wasps, mice, geese, etc), fire bans, liquor bans, car trouble, getting lost or evictions.

In extreme health or family circumstances we do make exceptions to this rule.  This is decided on a case-by-case basis.  

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WINTER: Propane Filling service Monday – Saturday from 4 – 6 pm

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