JULY 6-15, 2018

Tickets and information for Rodeo, Chuckwagon, Grandstand and Stampede Concert Series events are on sale here.

Did you know that with a Stampede Account you can automatically renew your Rodeo & Evening Show tickets from year to year as well as take advantage of exclusive pre-sales and other offers?

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July 7th to July 15th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am: Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Coffee and Juice  $5 per person.


Details for 2018 Stampede to come!!!!


We offer round-trip shuttle bus service to the Stampede grounds for $15 per person.  Tickets for the Stampede shuttle bus service do NOT need to be purchased in advance.  We get as many buses as we can fill, and you can choose whichever combination of arrival and departure times work best for you!

On Friday, July 6th we offer a PARADE BUS, which departs from Mountain View Camping at 7:00 am.  Return times are below.

Daily Bus Times July 6th to July 15th:

Depart from Mountain View Camping to the Calgary Stampede:

11:15 am and 6:15 pm

Depart from Calgary Stampede to Mountain View Camping:

5:30 pm and 12:00 am

Stampede Grounds are also accessible by car, though navigating downtown Calgary can be difficult for some.  Parking rates range from $25 to $50 per day. Average Taxi fare from here to the Stampede location is $65.00 CDN.

Public transit is also available, but requires that you drive to the rail station and take the train.  $3.75 per person, per trip.  See our front desk staff for a map and directions!


Location: Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta Canada